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Let’s get creative!

I love to be creative and to inspire you to get creating too. Together we can make this world a little more beautiful, one creative piece at a time.

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Mysterious woods in gouache -  free workshop

I will be teaching a workshop during Peggy’s (The Pigeon Letters) Summer Creative Retreat (1-6 August 2023) on the 2nd of August. This is a free workshop. Just head on over to Peggy’s website to register, click here.

All the workshops are available for 24 hrs replay. Want ALL ACCESS?! Click here



I’ve got some printables for you, which you can use as gift tags and more.

These tags are made from pictures of some of my online workshop projects. These are still in Dutch but I’ll keep you updated when I get to translate them. Just sign up for my newsletter to get this freebie now.

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About me

So, my name is Karin Joan and I absolutely love being creative in various ways, especially when it comes to using paint and ink on paper.

My goal is to inspire you to create something beautiful today and enjoy the process while sharing it with those around you. Together, we can make our world a little more beautiful.


I offer both online and offline workshops, focusing mainly on painting flowers, plants, and brush lettering, among other things. I love to use watercolor and gouache. My style is primarily feminine and girly.

I'm always on the lookout for new techniques to teach you, wanting the participants in my workshops to achieve great results quickly. Most importantly, I want the experience to be enjoyable and accessible.  However, I also enjoy challenging you to push your boundaries and surpass your own expectations.

I was a teacher in elementary school for 18 years, where I learned how to convey information in the best and most enjoyable way. In my free time, I explored various creative projects and learned Photoshop and video editing. Over the years, I've shared many creative projects online, at fairs, and events, collaborating with inspiring colleagues, manufacturers, and retailers. I've also written for creative magazines and designed crafting products.

Now I'm here to inspire you to get creative yourself and make your world more beautiful, one artwork at a time.

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Want to see much more of what I create? Head on over to my Dutch website, click here. Use the language tool on the bottom right to read in English or other languages.

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