M i s s e e s,  the story

August 2020

After a very intens design process in recent months, my new collection for Studio Light is finally finished and we are now waiting for the products to be released from the factory. May I introduce you to  Missees!

About five years ago I sketched out my first Missees. And now it was about time to turn these into beautiful products for the world of paper crafters.

Missees are girls which you can create from a modular system that can adopt a great variety in appearances based on your creativity.

Missees are expressive, versatile, stylish, trendy, very girly and  just loving life!

I find various aspects of my own personality in Missees. And I hope others will have that same experience. Because Missees can be any girl or woman.

So what will your Missees look like?!


Missees the Collection


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Products List

The complete Missees collection consists of the following products


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