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So cool of you to choose to visit my freebie! This is my website KarinJoan.com (aka makerisme.com), so let's get creative!

Have you checked your email? You should have one titled: Yes! Your Roses Tags Freebie and mini workshop

You can use the tags I send you in many ways. Let me show you how.

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Why this download

Now, more than ever before, it is so important to give someone a little kindness, care, time, and perhaps even a small gift here and there. To help you do that, I have designed 3 sets of Gift Tags for you.


Two sets

The first set you have received as a gift for signing up for my newsletter. The other two you will get with the All Access bundle from Peggy Dean's Summer Creative Retreat.

Handpainted Roses, Twigs, and Leaves

I have drawn and painted almost all of the images on these labels in online workshops for my Maker Members. Over the past years, we have painted roses, tropical leaves, and other plants in Watercolor and Gouache, among other techniques.


What can you do with these tags?

Of course you can use them as gift tags, that's obvious. But there is so much more. Let me show you some creative ideas. Check out this video


I hope I've been able to inspire you to get creative yourself now. Have fun and make your world a little more beautiful.

Until next time! Be blessed,

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About me: Karin Joan

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